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Executive Director of Share the Road Jamie Stuckless (Far Right) With Members of Provincial Parliament from all 3 major paries at the 2015 Ontario Bike Summit

Since the launch of the Share the Road Cycling Coalition in 2008, much has been accomplished to improve cycling safety in Ontario.

From the passage of Greg's Law in 2009, to the launch of #CycleON, Ontario's Cycling Strategy, in 2013, Share the Road has played an integral part in putting cycling on the agenda at the provincial level.

While there has been much success, there is still much to do.

Share the Road continues to work with community, private sector and municipal partners to keep cycling on the provincial agenda. This is accomplished through targeted advocacy and through to province's Ontario Cycling Advocacy Network (OntarioCAN) -- a network of local advocactes who represent Share the Road in Ontario's 107 provincial ridings.

The launch of #CycleON created a framework for action in 2013. In 2014 we saw the province take action on the strategy when then Minister of Transportation Glen Murray announced $25 million in funding for improved cycling infrastructure as part of #CycleON's First Action Plan. In the same year, Bill 31 was tabled at Queen's Park with proposed amendments to the Highway Traffic Act, including increased fines for "dooring" cyclists and a 1m safe passing law.

The years that follow will require diligent action to ensure that continued implementation of #CycleON is prioritized and that more cycling education is rolled out for Ontarians, particularly for our youth who want to be able to take active and safe routes to school. Share the Road and OntarioCAN are committed to achieving these goals in the months and years that come.

Click here to learn more about OntarioCAN and download our advocacy toolkit.

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