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Advocacy Toolkits

Share the Road has created a number of resources to help OntarioCAN members, community & corporate partners, and municipalities to advance cycling in their communities.


An Introduction to OntarioCAN Power Point

Click here to learn more about Share the Road's Ontario Cycling Advocacy Network and how you can get involved.


Election Toolkit

Learn how to be an effective advocate during elections.


Click here to download a series of templates to help you engage during elections. 

Advocacy Kit

Learn how to be an effective advocate by reviewing this short guide. 


Municipal Motion Template

Recently the Town of Oakville passed a motion in support of the Share the Road Cycling Coalition calling on the provincial government to get more people on bikes more often in Ontario by investing 1% of the provincial transportation budget -- or $25 M -- in funding for cycling infrastructure. Given cycling's overall benefits to society -- health, environmental, diminished wear and tear on our roads, connected and safe communities -- this investment is modest given the significant returns.

We are calling on all municipalities across the province to follow Oakville’s lead and pass similar a Council Motion. Click here to download the motion written and passed by the Town of Oakville that can be adapted for your community.

If you are passionate about cycling in your community, ask your Mayor and Council to use this template and pass a motion supporting cycling and calling on the provincial government to invest in our communities, in our children, in the 300,000 Ontarians riding their bikes every day in our province, in the 2014 budget.


Election Readiness Toolkit

Advocacy during elections is different that between elections. Help Share the Road make sure that cycling is on the agenda when Ontarians go to the polls.

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