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 Ontario Cycling Advocacy Network


The Ontario Cycling Advocacy Network (OntarioCAN) is a network of cycling advocates across Ontario working to improve road safety by increasing provincial support for cycling infrastructure, education and awareness. 



OntarioCAN mobilizes individuals across the province to meet with their Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) in order to engage in a constructive dialogue about road and cycling safety and make the case for increased investments in bicycling. The network also builds capacity of bicycling advocates and provides them with the tools they need to be effective partners to government.

OntarioCAN members ensure that MPPs, City Councillors and candidates for office are aware of Ontario’s cycling priorities and the role that cycling plays in building a safe, healthy and prosperous province and communities. Our goal is to have an OntarioCAN member in each of Ontario’s 107 electoral districts in the lead up to the next provincial election.

The network is facilitated by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition with funding from Les Domestiques.


To become part of the network, email us at with your name, electoral district* and a few sentences about why you would like to join the network.

*Find your electoral district here:


Benefits of Joining OntarioCAN

As a member of OntarioCAN you will:

  • Play a meaningful role in keeping the provincial cycling conversation moving forward
  • Help to inform Share the Road’s advocacy agenda
  • Be connected to other people engaged in local cycling planning and advocacy across Ontario though the OntarioCAN listserv
  • Have access to free webinars on advocacy best practices
  • Engage with local decision makers and cycling advocates from across North America with support from Share the Road staff
  • Be provided with tools to help build a strong case for cycling to your MPP
  • Receive a $50 discount on your registration for the Ontario Bike Summit

There is no membership fee associated with joining OntarioCAN.


Role of OntarioCAN Members

As a member of OntarioCAN you will be asked to:

  • Act as a non-partisan advocate for cycling in your area
  • Hold one meeting with your local MPP each calendar year
  • Participate in OntarioCAN’s advocacy training workshop (hosted online)
  • Send regular cycling updates on local biking initiatives to your MPP
  • Invite your MPP to attend one local bicycling event each year
  • Liaise with candidates running for provincial office in your district during an election and introduce them to Share the Road’s Active Communities Pledge
  • Attend the Ontario Bike Summit (as often as is practicable)

There are no term limits on your OntarioCAN membership.


Why Advocacy Matters

The Share the Road Cycling Coalition believes that OntarioCAN makes a positive contribution to “changing” and advancing the cycling conversation in Ontario. Our provincial government is responsible for our road policy and engaging with MPPs is key to ensuring that our province creates the kinds of policy, legislation and other support necessary to create a bicycle-friendly Ontario.

Together with our road safety partners, Share the Road has successfully advocated for significant developments in support of cycling, including:

  • The launch of #CycleON, Ontario’s first bicycle policy update in 20 years
  • “Greg’s Law” targeting suspended drivers and repeat offenders
  • $25 million for cycling infrastructure in Ontario
  • Passing of The Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act (Bill 31) which includes a 1m safe passing law, and other bike-friendly amendments

With each new development, our roads become safer for all road users.

Click here to view a selection of OntarioCAN advocacy resources. 

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