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Thank you for volunteering to provide a local perspective on your community’s Bicycle Friendly Community Application. Your feedback will help our judges to create stronger feedback with more specific deliverables to make your community more Bicycle Friendly even faster! Feedback for the Fall 2019 Intake period is due by November 1, 2019 in order to be incorporated into the BFC Judging call.

Please review all of the information on this page before providing your feedback.



Thank you for your time and effort in providing Share the Road with your valuable feedback on your community’s Bicycle Friendly Community Application.  Your feedback and the local perspective you provide will help our judges determine what designation to award to your community and will also guide the feedback given to the community to help them become more bicycle friendly.


To provide local feedback, we'll ask that you identify your community’s three biggest strengths, three most significant barriers and three actions that could be take in the next 18 months to improve cycling in the community.  There are no right or wrong answers here – we want to hear your perspective.  We ask that you be as specific as you can – ie, instead of saying that the community should install more bike lanes, say that they should install bike lanes along Main Street to connect the community’s multi-use trails to their downtown.  The more specific your recommendations, the better our judges are able to incorporate them into our feedback form, and the more likely your community is to adopt them.


We also want to know how you feel about riding in your community - is the cycling network safe and complete? Is there adequate bike parking? Does the community engage in public outreach about cycling?


the whole process is relatively quick, but it's a very important part of the BFC Program. We will take your feedback and incorporate it into the feedback your community gets from our judges, and it will be used to make your community a better place for cyclists in the future!

You can download an informational sheet about the Local Reviewer Process HERE.


Further information and FAQs

What do Bicycle Friendly Communities Look Like?

BronzeGood progress being made in one or 2 of the Es – these communities are in the early stages of becoming more bicycle friendly.

SilverGood progress being made on 2 or 3 of the Es, strong efforts being made to make the community safer for all road users.

GoldStrong progress made across at least 4 of the Es, many cyclists commuting on a daily basis. Many innovative infrastructure improvements to make roads safer for all users.

PlatinumExcellent progress made across all 5 Es, large percentage of cyclists using infrastructure, a safe, welcoming environment for all cyclists regardless of age or ability.

Who is eligible to be a local reviewer?

Anyone who lives in or has a good knowledge of the community and has an interest in making it a better place for people who bike! Even people who worked on the application as part of an Active Transportation Advisory Committee, advocacy group or other interested party can still provide local feedback.

How long does the local review process take?

Most local reviewers will be able to complete the questionnaire in under an hour, depending on how detailed and specific the feedback you provide is.

What is done with my feedback?

All feedback is reviewed and summarized by Share the Road staff before being shared with the BFC judges in an anonymous form.  Nobody from your community will see the comments you submit - all feedback is completely anonymous. Local feedback is incorporated into the judging decision to determine award level and is also incorporated into the feedback form your community will recieve.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact Justin Jones, Manager of Bicycle Friendly Communities at [email protected]

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