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Canada’s first “3 foot” Bicycle Safe Passing Law to be Introduced in the Ontario Legislature

Burlington, Ontario – Media are invited to attend a rally at Queen’s Park in support of safe cycling legislation in Ontario. On Tuesday, May 18 the Share the Road Cycling Coalition in partnership with cyclists and cycling advocates from the Toronto Cyclists’ Union will join NDP Transit critic Cheri DiNovo as she introduces a private members bill requiring vehicle drivers to give 3’ or one meter of clearance when passing cyclists.

So-called “3 foot laws” have been passed in 17 U.S. states as a means of educating motorists and making cycling safer in both urban and rural settings. The Bill represents an amendment to the Highway Traffic Act and would require motorists to provide at least 3’ or one meter of space to cyclists when passing, and at least 5 feet space when traveling more than 50 km/hr.

The “Green Paper on Bicycling in Ontario” released by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition in March 2010 and based on extensive research (including a poll of 1200 municipal leaders and Active Transportation experts in Ontario) recommends amending the Highway Traffic Act to include a three foot (one meter) passing law. Further, the 1998 City of Toronto report by the Regional Coroner for Ontario which followed a number of cycling fatalities, recommended amending the HTA to “clarify how bicycles interact with other traffic on our roads…entrenching this principle in the HTA would clarify the situation and likely significantly reduce risk of injury and death.”

The media are invited to attend a gathering of cyclists on the front lawn of the Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park Circle (just north of College St. and University Avenue. Following this event will be a news conference at 10:00 a.m. in the Queen’s Park Media Studio.

Eleanor McMahon, Founder and CEO
Share the Road Cycling Coalition

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