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Best Practices for Municipalities filling out the Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC) Application

Please note - as of July 2018, all BFC Applications must be made using our new application software.  Old applications are still accessible in pdf format by emailing us at [email protected]

Here you'll find some tips to help you craft the best BFC application possible.

  1. Take stock of where you're at with the Quick Evaluation Checklist
  2. Read the Frequently Asked Questions Page
  3. Review the BFC Application - available here in Word and PDF format
  4. Reach out to local Bicycling advocates, non-profit groups and charities that work on cycling issues to create an application task force
  5. Create an account or sign in with an existing account (If you have any questions about signing in, or forgot your username and password, email [email protected] for assistance)
  6. Gather required data for the application. ***NOTE*** The BFC Application is extremely thorough, and can be quite lengthy to complete.  This is done by design - it's meant to encourage municipalities to reach out to schools, police services, public health, non-profit organizations, businesses and other potential partners to gather information and build new partnerships around cycling.
  7. Check to see if anything listed in the application could be implemented before the application is submitted
  8. Contact Justin at [email protected] if you need assistance in filling out the application or if you have any questions
  9. Ask your partners to review your final application draft to ensure completeness before submitting
  10. Invite community residents to become local reviewers before the deadline
  11. Submit the application before the deadline of July 3rd, 2020
  12. If awarded, be sure to attend the 2020 Ontario Bike Summit with elected officials to receive your designation. Circulate the press release written by Share the Road to your local media outlets.
  13. Share the feedback report and report card with local bicycle advocates and partners, prioritize the recomendations and start implementing to move towards the next designation level!


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