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Getting Started

Getting Started

The Bicycle Friendly Business Program is based on the principle that bikes are good for businesses, employees, and the community.  BFBs are recognized for their efforts through an award system based on four essential elements to being bicycle friendly: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, and Evaluation & Planning.

If you're ready to take the next step and apply to become a Bicycle Friendly Business, these simple tips will guide you through the application process and help to ensure that you are putting the best possible application together.


  1. Review the FAQ page.

  2. Review the BFB application

  3. Seek the approval of business leaders.

  4. Create an application taskforce to gather required data and information. 

  5. Check if anything listed in the application could be newly implemented before the application is submitted.

  6. When you are ready to apply, create an account to submit the online application.

  7. Contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance in filling out the application or if you have questions.

  8. Complete the online form. You may save and return to the form anytime before the deadline. 

  9. Ask your partners to review the final application draft for completeness.

  10. Get approval of the final application from the business leadership.

  11. Email any supplemental materials such as photos or videos of cyclists and infrastructure, policy documents, maps, etc to [email protected] 

  12. Submit the application (and your application fee, if required, before judging is set to begin.

  13. Follow any instructions for next steps after the deadline, such as distributing survey links provided by BFB program staff. 

  14. If awarded, prepare a press release and organize an award ceremony to celebrate your achievement.

  15. Share the feedback report with your company leadership and decision makers, prioritize the recommendations and start implementing.

  16. Renew every four years to maintain your designation. 


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