Share the Road Cycling Coalition with generous support from the Minisitry of Health and Long Term Care’s Healthy Communities Fund is continuing to offer its “Ride and Drive with Care” program.


Ride and Drive with Care will help to:     


·      Educate students, teachers  and parents about safe cycling and safe driving messages

·      Promote a school-wide pledge that encourages students to ride and drive with care

·      Encourage students to ride their bike to school and track their trips online to win prizes


 Schools will be asked to:


·      Hold one school-wide event between in September 2013 where education tools are delivered and students are invited to sign the pledge. Promote assembly and pledge through provided posters, announcements etc.  Assembly will be organized by student leaders (identified by school), project manager and possibly local public health/law enforcement teams

·      Promote your schools participation in a "Cycle to School" online tracking challenge to win individual student and school-wide prizes during the 2013-2014 school year. Promotional tools and prizes will be provided. 

Participation is limited so be sure to contact Justin Jones, Program Manager if your school is interested at [email protected]