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There are many easily accessible road safety resources available online and through our website. We encourage you to check out:

Our Top 10 Tips for Improving Road Safety

Tips for people on bikes and drivers on how to safely share the road.

STR's Opinion Poll Data

Share the Road regularly conducts polling data on "the state of cycling" in Ontario. Check out the results from 2010-2014.

Information about #CycleON: Ontario's Cycling Strategy

Released in 2013, #CycleON looks ahead 20 years and outlines what needs to be done to promote cycling across the province as a viable mode of transportation.

From Niche to Now: Cycle Tourism in Ontario (Report)

This 24-page industry report includes 2014 primary research and also information that has been compiled from over 35 sources. The report highlights many of the opportunities and economic impacts that businesses, municipalities and regions are experiencing when catering to this growing market and tourism sector right here in Ontario.

STR's Green Paper: When Ontario Bikes, Ontario Benefits

In 2010, Share the Road released a Green Paper entitled "When Ontario Bikes, Ontario Benefits". The paper was developed with a number of partners and highlights a variety of important reasons, rooted in research, why bicycling can and should be seen as a solution to the numerous challenges facing our society.

Cycling Photos from the Green Lane Project

In November 2015, the Green Lane Project released more than 200 high quality cycling photos into the public domain. This includes photos of people cycling in cities around the world, as well as photos of great cycling infrastructure. Click here to visit their Flickr page or click here to check out their announcement (via People for Bikes).


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