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STR's Green Paper on Bicycling for Ontario

Green Paper: When Ontario Bikes, Ontario Benefits – A Green Paper on Bicycling in Ontario [PDF]

In 2010, Share the Road released a Green Paper entitled "When Ontario Bikes, Ontario Benefits". The paper was developed with a number of partners and highlights a variety of important reasons, rooted in research, why bicycling can and should be seen as a solution to the numerous challenges facing our society.

In the paper, we also made a series of reccommendations, including:

It is encouraging to see that several of the recommendations made in 2010 have been implemented over the last 5 years. At Share the Road, we continue to advocate for policies and programs that increase the safety and accessibility of cycling for all Ontarians. There is still much to be done! We encourage you to read the Green Paper and engage in the cycling conversation

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