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Webinars 2021

The Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC) program and partners are hosting free Lunch n' Learn monthly webinars from June until September. Sessions are grounded in the 4Es and open to everyone. 

2021 June 23, 1pm
Rolling Forward with Cycling Skills Training in Ontario Schools
Comprehensive cycling skills education is critical to becoming a BFC. Our partners at Green Communities Canada are hosting an Ontario Active School Travel webinar on June 23rd at 1pm. It will feature a panel of experts who are currently running bike training programs in various communities across the province. 

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2021 July 15, 12pm
Apply and Assess your Assets 
BFC application is a comprehensive tool for municipalities of all types, climate, location, and size to assess and evaluate bicycle friendliness. Applying for a BFC award provides opportunities for community cycling partners (e.g., municipal staff, cycling advocates, cycling educators) to collaborate on populating the form, identify gaps, and strengthen cycling culture. 

This session will include a) an overview of the application, b) tips on showcasing your strengths for the judges, and c) community perspectives on receiving a BFC designation. After this session, you’ll have the inspiration and know-how to submit by the Fall 2021 deadline (October 8th).

Presentation slides: download PDF

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Subha Ramanathan, Bicycle Friendly Communities, Share The Road Cycling Coalition

Michael Stewart, Community Relations Specialist, CAA South Central Ontario

Kathryn Broadbelt, Transportation Planning Project Coordinator, City of Brantford 

2021 August 12, 12pm
Promoting Ridership through Registry
Voluntary bicycle registries play an important part in deterring theft, thereby promoting ridership, and enhancing bicycle friendliness within a community. Project 529 provides an online platform where communities of all sizes can set up a bike registry at the local or national level. The goal of 529 is to give police and communities a tool to increase the safety of cycling for citizens and effectively return lost or stolen bikes to their owners.


Donna Williams, Project 529

Det. Rob Brunt, Vancouver Police Department

Cst. Ryan Cuthbert, Ottawa Police Services

Presentation slides: view PDF

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2021 September 9, 12pm
Key Updates to OTM Book 18 

Learn about updates to the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 18.


Dave McLaughlin, Principal, Manager - National Active Transportation Practice, WSP Canada Inc.

Shawn Smith, Senior Project Manager, WSP Canada Inc.

Presentation slides: view PDF

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Past Engagements & Recordings


Making space for physical distancing in Ontario - (EVENT COMPLETED Wednesday, April 22 @ 3pm)

The Share the Road Cycling Coalition and The Centre for Active Transportation invite you to join us for a conversation about making space for physical distancing in Ontario. 

Participants will hear from Dr. Anne Harris, an epidemiologist from Ryerson University who recently co-wrote a letter of support for rebalancing streets and making more space for sidewalks and for cycling. Representatives from Brampton, including Councillor Rowena Santos, will also be sharing insights from the street rebalancing initiative currently underway there - one of the first in Ontario. Lastly, participants will be invited to participate in an initiative to co-develop a set of key questions for planners and advocates to use while rebalancing streets.

You can also check out our blog post on the topic:

For a summary & recording of this webinar visit


Virtual Book Reading with Molly Hurford - (EVENT COMPLETED Wednesday, April 29th @ 10:30am)

Molly Hurford is a cyclist, podcaster and the author of the Shred Girls books - an empowering series about mountain biking. Share the Road is teaming up with Molly to provide a virtual book reading for families in our network. Molly will be reading a short chapter from her newest book Ali's Rocky Ride, which comes out in July. Participants will also be able to submit questions for Molly to answer. This is a free event. Donations are encouraged to support cycling advocacy in Ontario if you are in a position to do so (suggested donation $10).

More information about the books, including how to pre-order Ali's Rocky Ride available here:

Click here to view a recording of the book reading.


Municipal Advisory Committee Virtual Meet Up - (EVENT COMPLETED Wednesday, April 29th @ 7pm)

We will be coordinating a virtual meet-up for members of municipal advisory committees on cycling, active transportation and trails. We've heard from a lot of advisory committee members that they would benefit from a connection to other committee members across the province. Over the past week, we have heard from representatives in over 20 communities about the opportunities and challenges committees are working on and we are using that feedback to build the meet up agenda. If you filled out our survey last week, you will automatically be added to our invite list and receive the webinar access details via the email you provided. If you are a committee member interested in participating but did not fill out the survey, please sign up online below so we can send you the access details. We look forward to connecting with you virtually!

This event was not recorded. 


Making Space: What, Where and How - (EVENT COMPLETED Wednesday, May 13th @ 1-2pm)

Join the Share the Road Cycling Coalition and The Centre for Active Transportation for our second in a series of webinars about rebalancing streets. Participants in this Zoom webinar will hear about what communities of various sizes have been doing across Canada to make more space for physical distancing. We will also be joined by representatives from the City of New Westminster, City of Mississauga and City of Toronto to share details about how and where they are making more space for sidewalks and cycling.

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Building Your Counting Program - (EVENT COMPLETED Thursday, May 14th @ 1-2pm)

Share the Road is working with our long-time partners at Eco-Counter to offer a complimentary webinar about counting. Participants in this webinar will learn about how to build an effective counting program and leverage counting efforts to build a more bicycle-friendly community. Examples will be shared by municipalities at various stages of their counting program, including the City of Mississauga and the County of Essex. 

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Virtual Book Reading: The Yellow Bicycle - (EVENT COMPLETED Wednesday, May 20th @ 10:30 - 11am)

We're co-hosting another virtual book reading! On May 20th, we're partnering with London Cycle Link to host a virtual book reading of The yellow Bicycle. This illustrated book tells the story of a little girl who delights in riding on the back of her mother's bicycle, until one day she gets a bike of her own. The book was written by Igor Colares, illustrated by Beto Franca and translated from Portugese by London Cycle Link Board Chair Luis Patricio. The book will be read by Linda Bussiere from the London Public Library.

 This free event is also a fundraiser to support two cycling initiatives to provide essential workers in London with bicycles and to advocate for more safe spaces to ride bikes in London and across Ontario. If you are in a position to support this work, the suggested donation is $10. All contributions welcome.

View a recording of this event online here. 

Purchase a copy of The Yellow Bicycle online here.


Making Space: Adapting to change - (EVENT COMPLETED Wednesday, May 27th @ 1-2pm EST)

Join Share the Road and The Centre for Active Transportation for a discussion about how the transportation sector should be adapting to changes during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery. Participants will hear the results of a recent transit user survey conducted in Toronto and engage with representatives from WSP Canada on topics such as end of trip facilities, managing transit demand and the expansion of outdoor commercial space.

This webinar is presented with generous support from WSP Canada.

View the webinar recording online here.


Making Space: Biking out of the pandemic - (EVENT COMPLETED - Wednesday, June 10th @ 2-3pm EST

During the pandemic, cities around the world have seen record numbers of people taking to the streets on foot and on bike. Bike sales are booming, car traffic is down, and traffic collisions have plummeted. Amidst this crisis, active transportation is on the rise. Conversations are happening about much needed infrastructure. From quick build bikeways and slow streets to widened pedestrian zones. But what else are we doing to support, encourage and incentivize sustainable mobility? Join us for a conversation exploring what we should be doing now, and what should we be planning for, to ensure that walking and cycling continue to be the most desirable and obvious choice as we emerge from the pandemic. 

The webinar will feature a presentation by Jessica Roberts, a principal at Alta Planning + Design who has been a leader in the Active Transportation field for nearly two decades. Jessica directs award-winning programs and projects that help people drive less often, and use active and shared modes more often. Her current research focuses on bringing the findings and methods of behavioral science to benefit the TDM field. She owns five bikes, zero cars, and a ludicrous number of shared mobility apps. Participants will also hear from Isooda Niroomand, a School Travel Planner with Green Communities Canada in partnership with Vision Zero Toronto. She has experience working in public, private and non-profit sectors in Canada and in Iran, with a focus on human-centred design.

Join Share the Road and The Centre for Active Transportation for this webinar presented by Alta Planning + Design Inc.

Click here to view the recording.


Making space: Global perspectives on pandemic mobility - (EVENT COMPLETED - Wednesday, July 29th)

Join Share the Road and The Centre for Active Transportation for the fifth in a series of webinars about rebalancing streets to make them safer for walking and cycling. Participants in this live webinar will hear how communities around the world are making changes to their transportation networks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how Dutch expertise has informed and supported these changes.

The webinar will feature presentations by:
Lior Steinberg, an urban planner and co-founder of Humankind, a multidisciplinary collective accelerating the transition towards urban happiness for all. Lior will discuss interventions and long-term strategies in Tel Aviv where 11 streets have been opened to people, as well as vacation streets and parklets in Rotterdam.
Lennart Nout, a transport planner and urban designer at Mobycon with experience in The Netherlands and New Zealand. Lennart will be presenting highlights of Mobycon’s “Making Safe Space for Cycling in 10 Days”, a guide to temporary bike lanes in Berlin.
Amanda Ngabirano, a professional and passionate urban planner who is “crazy about spatial order, urban mobility and social justice.” Amanda is a lecturer in Urban & Regional Planning at Makerere University and Chairperson of Uganda’s National Physical Planning Board. Amanda will share the experience of Kampala City where only walking and cycling, no cars, are allowed in the central core during the Covid-19 lockdown.

This webinar is presented with generous support from the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Toronto in partnership with the Dutch Cycling Embassy. 

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Making space: Moving beyond rapid response - (EVENT COMPLETED - Wednesday, August 12th)

Join us for a conversation about pandemic mobility, how we can move beyond the initial rapid response phase, and how we can incorporate an equity lens into AT planning. FCM’s COVID-19 Street Rebalancing Guide is meant to be a resource to help communities to temporarily redesign streets to ensure physical and mental health, safety, and well-being.

Brian Patterson, Principal & Active Transportation Planning Leader at Urban Systems, will provide an overview to the guide with a focus on communities who are incorporating a long-term strategy for these quick builds.

Nahomi Amberber, a Research Coordinator at Ryerson University, and 2020 epidemiology intern at TCAT, will then provide a snapshot of her research into whether access to AT infrastructure in Canada is equitable, and address how municipalities can incorporate an equity lens to AT planning, in both the short and long-term.


This webinar was presented with generous support from Urban Systems, in partnership with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). 

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